An Expert’s Guide to Comparing Colleges

Find the best destination for your savings… I mean student.

An in depth guide to college applications, campus culture, and the things that really matter- like mascots.

Find The Best School For You

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Mr. An Expert

Mr. An Expert studied college in college. He has visited more than 200 campuses, worked for three, attended five, and so far has graduated from two. He holds a B.S. from a flagship state university and a master’s from an Ivy League school. He is currently contributing to administrative bloat by being employed as a mid level bureaucrat at a liberal arts college in California. He can be reached at

How can a certain magazine rank what school is best, if that magazine has never even met you? College is like a pair of pants- fit matters more than brand, and these are very expensive pants.

Getting In

Picking the right school isn’t the only hard part, getting in is even worse. An Expert’s guide not only helps you know which school is best for you, but also tells you what it takes to get in. Spoiler alert- it’s money.


That school “just outside Boston” boasts some of the world’s richest drop-outs.

Notre Dame

The footballiest school in America.


Is not located in South Carolina.


Best residence hall advisors in America. Solid math department, healthy ROTC, grumpy kitchen staff.